Positive Effects

When thoughts of illegal immigration cross our minds, often the first reaction is a negative one. Nadadur writes an article that reflects the positive contributions immigrants have on America. The first positive contribution is there affect on the job market. “Classical economics holds that immigration benefits the host country because it subsidies the labor supply” (Nadadur 1041).  Nadadur explains that immigrants are most likely to occupy the secondary job market, which consists of hard labor for low pay. These jobs do not require higher education so chances are most Americans wouldn’t want these jobs since they appear as undesirable. The primary job market requires more education and can be costly to acquire, due to the fact that college educations don’t come cheap these days. Nadadur explains immigrants are most likely going to stay away from these jobs because they come to America looking for work, not education. This allows Americans with higher education to pursue these jobs with less competition from illegal immigrants. Once immigrants secure jobs, most of the money they make will continue to be spent inside the country.

There are currently an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States today. Even though these people are illegal, they are still 11 million consumers with money to spend. Many people think that illegal immigrants get away with not paying taxes. Nadadur refutes this by reminding the reader that they still pay taxes from gasoline and sales tax. Even though this contribution may not be as much as other Americans, illegal immigrants are contributing something to the economy. In fact, companies like Sprint, Costco, and Wells Fargo allow immigrants to buy products using “matriculas”, which are cards that undocumented aliens can use as a form of identification and a bank-card. These cards are allowing illegal immigrants to assimilate into America today and contribute more.